Khede Kasra & Morocco’s Family Code

Khede Kasra Campaign
Khede kasra. Add the kasra! is a campaign to raise awareness about women’s issues in the Arab world. Designed as a grammatical pun, Khede kasra encourages Arabic speakers to intentionally genderize their speech. The posters, online community, and commercials advertising women’s empowerment in everyday life have taken off–merging pop culture with social activism. The campaign is headquartered in Lebanon, but reaches out to the entire Arab world.

Watch the You Tube video!
Khede Kasra video

Morocco’s Family Code, 5 Year’s Later
In a May 3rd article for the Common Ground News Service, a reporter analyzed the progress of Morocco’s 2004 changes to their half-century old family code, Moudawana. Five years ago, the updates were hailed as huge steps forward for the modern Moroccan family. Women are no longer required to obtain their father’s permission before marrying and wives are entitled to her husband’s assets in the event of a divorce. More women are presiding judges. Furthermore, polygamy became heavily restricted and underage marriage banned. But the rates of minor girls marrying increased particularly in rural areas in 2006 and 2007. Moroccan men and women still question their religious and cultural values protecting the traditional family structure in light of these judicial changes. A 2008 film, entitled “Number One”, brought some of these family and gender issues to the public. Time will tell if Morocco’s large youth population will change their expectations of marriage in line with the 2004 Moudawana progressive revisions. Perhaps, young Moroccan women will push for more.

Morocco’s Family Code article

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