Mulki el Sharmani on Dutch Public Radio

Professor Mulki el Sharmani was interviewed along with a research participant by the Radio Netherlands Worldwide show, “The State We’re In”. This particular broadcast was themed “The Right to Divorce” and it highlighted three ways divorce is settled around the world.

The first guest, an openly gay Indian man, explained how he secured a divorce from his wife despite cultural taboos against homosexuality.

Mulki was then interviewed about khul, or no-fault divorce, in which the wife is granted a divorce without financial benefits. The guest was a divorced woman and a mother of 3 who described her husband as an intellectual and emotional mismatch. While the divorce was relatively seamless, the aftermath of facing her neighbors presented some challenges. The woman proudly proclaims her aspirations to be a singer–something she could not have pursued while married to her ex-husband.

The final section tells the story of an American divorce lawyer who specializes in ‘collaborative divorce’, a growing trend among Western couples seeking a fairer, calmer, and quicker way to split up.

The State We’re In radio programmes

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