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Asharq Al-Awsat, 29 September 2009, “Three Jordanians Kill Sister over “Bad Reputation”

Three Jordanian men have confessed to brutally murdering their sister and subsequently burning her body and home because of her ‘bad reputation.’  Their divorced sister was accused of having a lover affair with a man, causing her brothers to attack and stab her repeatedly. Honor killings account for the death of 15-20 women in Jordan each year and the Human Rights Watch has urged Jordan to reform its legal code which it claims does not sufficiently punish such honor crimes.

BBC News, 28 September 2009,Egypt Anger over Virginity Faking

In “Egypt Anger over Virginity Faking,” an Egyptian scholar condemns the import of device that emits a bloodlike substance that can be used for “faking” a woman’s virginity, as pre-marital sex is highly socially unacceptable in Egypt. The product which can be bought in parts of the Arab world, like Syria, for 15 USD, making it a cheap alternative to procedures like hymenoplasty.

BBC News, 10 June 2009, Power of Women in Iran’s Elections

In the “Power of Women in Iran’s Elections,” the recent elections in Iran have revealed a vibrant and active female Iranian population engaged in political process. The role and symbolism of Zhara Rahnavard, Mir Hossein Moussavi’s wife, in his campaign is explored as are the promises begin made to Iranian women as the elections proceded.

Institute of Development Studies, 25 May 2009, Women at the Heart of Egypt’s First Conditional Cash Transfers Scheme

IDS reports on the launch of Ain es-Sira pilot, a conditional cash transfer intiative coming out of the Pathways Middle East hub in Cairo, Egypt. A unique program in Egypt, the scheme is designed to provide low-income families with money in exchange for fulfilling certain conditional requirements (invovling school attendance, health care, etc.). The Ain es-Sira project involves innovative gender, health and education components that build on elements of CCT programs in Latin America and eslewhere.

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