News Review

Asharq Alawsat, 24 October 2009, “This is the Saudi woman”

“This is the Saudi Woman” is an opinion piece written by Mshari al-Zaydi, Asharq Alawsat’s opinion page editor, about the history of women’s education in Saudi Arabia which lends itself to “natural” development in the field of women’s rights. He argues that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has supported the education of women and equal rights since the 1930’s while simultaneously highlighting the large discrepancy between the percentage of the Saudi population that is female (approximately 50%) and amount of women in the total workforce (10.25%). The author remarks that Saudi society¬† is subject to “laws and norms of natural development that apply to all societies,” further pronouncing that it was “natural” for “a strong return of women to society” to occur. Further discussion about what the author means or implies by “natural development” would make this piece much more compelling.

Al-Jazeera, 21 October 2009 , “Kuwaiti women win passport rights”

Following a petition by Fatima al-Baghli, a Kuwaiti woman, Kuwaiti courts have ruled that women may obtain passports without their husbands’ permission. This ruling repeals a former 1962 law stating that women must garner permission to travel from their husbands.

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