Newspaper supplements dedicated to International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, Pathways researchers contributed to newspaper supplements in Egyptian daily El-Shorouk (published on March 8, 2010) and Sawt el Nissa supplement in Palestinian newspaper Al-Ayyam (published on March 18, 2010). Please find brief summaries of the articles published below and links to the publications (Arabic).


Abeer Badran – “Sally from the governorates to the platform of Cairo” details the abuse suffered by street children and domestic workers, especially girls, and the legislation that fails to protect these children.

Hania Sholkamy – “How do aid and cash transfers contribute to women’s empowerment?” discusses the gender sensitive design of the conditional cash transfer pilot scheme in Ain es-Sira.

“What is empowerment” explains the focus of the articles in the supplement on empowerment, from social protection, to storytelling to legislative change.

Rasha Hassan – “Women in a man’s market” addresses the struggles and successes of women who work in male-dominated jobs. (Accompanied by photos of Mona, a mechanic, Om Karim, a microbus driver, and Soheir, a barber).

Mulki el-Sharmani – “Escaping from the “shadow” of man and his torment” raises the question of whether a woman’s right to unilateral divorce (khola) is equivalent to a man’s and give details about recent research on khola.

Mona Ibrahim Aly – “Women in the memory of stories” describes the Qalet el Rawiyeh storytelling workshops in 2007-2008 which involved re-visiting and re-inventing traditional folklore using a gender-sensitive approach and current workshops that use case studies from Pathways research as fodder for new tales. She includes an original story, “The Red Shirt” by Ahmed Shems from the first workshop.

Sawsan Sherif – “A Departure from the text of the law” argues that there is no need for more legislation pertaining to women’s rights but rather a need for the activation of these laws (by avoiding inconsistencies in carrying out such laws).

Gunilla Soliman – “‘Lucky’ Samira prefers a divorce” addresses domestic problems that arise from large wage gaps between husband and wife.

Dana Sabbah – “Ideas about the Spinster” comments on the rising rate of women remaining unmarried in Jordan and perceptions of women on this phenomenon.

Aitemad Muhanna – “Gender Dynamics in the Family and Society” discusses women’s roles and changing gender dynamics in Gaza.

Photos of women in non-traditional jobs by Amanda Kerdahi Matt.

Sahar el-Mougy was responsible for language revision.


Sawt el Nissa, Al-Ayyam newspaper, March 18 (Pages 12-13)

El-Shorouk newspaper, March 8 (Pages 14-15)

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