Revolutionary Days!

Photo by Amirah Sami

Lots of good links!

An op-ed piece by Hania Sholkamy in Al Ahram online (English) about women’s empowerment in the revolution.

Sawt el Niswa has been putting up pieces like Women of the Egyptian Revolution, an extensive compilation of women involved in the protests, and  Reflections: Egyptian Law and Women, which provides some background information on legislation in Egypt. Something that this article leaves out  that my colleague Heba and I have been discussing is the need for legislation that protects the rights of informal workers, many of whom are women. I hope to post findings on a study by Hania Sholkamy and Ragui Assaad that examines the relationship between different types of work and women’s  empowerment outcomes in the near future!

Even Al Jazeera has gotten into the swing of things with it’s piece on women of the revolution describing the atmostphere in Tahrir. I briefly met Gigi Ibrahim on the evening of January 25 in Tahrir and you could clearly see how excited she was (with good reason, of course!). Follow her on twitter @GSquare86.

Comments about the role of masculinity during the 18 day struggle on The Canonball by Annie Rebekah Gardner.

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