Slogans for the Million Women march

Thought it might be helpful to translate the slogans from the Million Women march Facebook page into English…

شعارات ” مليونية المرأة ”

“Slogans” of the Million Women (march)

1- عندي أب و عندي أم, عايزة رئيس أو رئيسة.

I have a father and I have a mother, I want a male president or a female president

2- ده مش وقته ؟ لأ ده وقته

This isn’t the time for this? No, it is the time (to speak out)

3- مش حريم ..بنى ادمين

We are not a harem… we are humans

4- حقى حقك ..زيى زيك

I have rights and you (masculine) have rights. Like you have rights, I do too.

5- صاحب بالين كداب ..و جوز أربعة منافق

A hypocrite is a liar and he who marries four women is a hypocrite

6- الدين لله و الدستور للجميع

Religion is for God and the constitution is for all

7- لا دينية و لا عسكرية ..عاوزينها دولة مدنية

Not religious nor military…we want a civilian country

8-   يناير25 ..كنا هناك و موجودين..مصريات و مصريين

25th of January…we were there, we were present…Egyptian women and men

9- انا انسان و انتى انسانة

I am a person (masculine) and you are a person (feminine)

10-ياللي معملتيش الرقم القومي الكلام ليكي يا جارة

You who haven’t gotten your national ID number, these words are for you, my neighbor

11- أنا تلميذة فى اعدادية ..عايزة تربية رياضية

I am a schoolgirl in high school…I want sports education

12- انا معيلة و مربية ..فين الرعاية الاجتماعية

I am a breadwinner and a nanny…where is the social welfare

13- بنتى من حقها تشتغل اللى هى عايزاه

It is my daughter’s right to work in whatever field she wants

14- اختى من حقها تلبس اللى هى عايزاه

It is my sister’s right to wear whatever she wants

15- سالى هى مثالى ..ماتت عشانك و عشانى

Sally is my example…she died for you and me

16- انت بتنكر حقي ليه, دمي غير دمك ولا ايه

Why do you deny my rights, is my blood different from yours?

17- ناقصني رجل ولا ايد؟ أنا مش عبده ولا انت سي

Am I missing a leg or an arm? I am not slave (feminine) and you are not a master (masculine).

18- أنا امرأة ..انا موجودة

I am a woman…I am present

19- ادى البنت حقها ..تطلع البلد من جحرها

Give girls their rights…and the country will emerge from darkness

20-المرأة تريد حل أمن الدولة

Women want the dissolution of state security

21- كرامة –حرية – عدالة – انسانية

Dignity – freedom – justice – humanity

22- المصرى و المصرية – ايد واحدة

Egyptian men and women – (are) one hand

23- نريد دولة ديموقراطية, لا أبوية و لا عسكرية

We want a democratic country, neither patriarchal nor military
لا تقتصر الشعارات على هذا فقط ولكن يمكنكم رفع شعاراتكم الخاصة في ضوء المطالب المذكورة

The slogans are not limited to only these but you can create your own slogans in light of the demands mentioned

Sorry if there are problems with the translation, trying to capture the meaning as best I can!

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