Why should we march?

Here is an nice piece written by Rou el Shimi about legal and political barriers to women’s full participation in these spheres of life in Egypt: http://rowanelshimi.wordpress.com/2011/03/06/what-women-want-in-new-egypt/

I particularly like her response to a comment about the use of Sharia law. Rou backs a secular legal system can provide rights for all, no matter what religion:

“I believe law, politics and religion need to be completely separate. That is to ensure equality of people of a nation, not only in terms of gender, but also more importantly different religious beliefs.
When Sharia law is applied in Egypt, women who want to divorce end up with two options if they wish to divorce: either the husband divorces her (not her divorce him if she wishes) and the most recently introduces “Khol3″ which gives a woman an option out (only if a judge will agree with her case) and it gives her no rights that come with divorce except child support in case she is with a child. For this example, and for the case of equality I believe Sharia is not a law you can apply to an entire country that includes all kinds of religious backgrounds. Egypt, in my opinion, should be a civil secular country, where everyone is free to practice religion in any way they see fit, and laws are civil, that apply to everyone.”


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