Director of UN Women meets with activists and scholars in Egypt

My colleagues Hania Sholkamy, Ali Atef and Heba Gowayed attended a closed round table discussion on March 20 with the Director of UN Women, Michele Bachelet,  entitled: “How Can UN Women support young Egyptian women in the democratic transition: A vision for the future.”

Ali and Heba responded to the questions “How can UN Women support young Egyptian women –  areas where the young Women could play a role with the UN WOMEN to support the insurance of women involvement in the democratic transition in Egypt?” by emphasizing the importance of South-South information exchange, unions for women working as informal labors as a channel to securing rights and entitlements and the importance of gender mainstreaming in security sector reform.

Everyone confirmed that Dr. Bachelet is a badass, but I suppose we already knew that before! Not only was she the first female Minister of Defense in Latin America but she later became president of Chile. She left that office in 2010 with extremely high approval ratings (as Chilean law prevents the president from serving two consecutive terms) and then was appointed head of UN Women by Ban Ki-Moon in September 2010. She is a staunch supporter of social protection and providing the poor access to health care and affordable housing, among other things.

Looks like @hindelhinnawy was there, tweeting some of Dr. Bachelet’s motivational one-liners. Check it on Le Twitter if you are interested.

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