Two sessions on gender in the upcoming AUC Social Justice conference in Cairo

AUC’s annual research conference will focus on “Social Justice: Theory, Research and Practice” this year. The conference is open to all and the first day (May 3) will be held in Oriental Hall at the downtown campus and the last two days (May 4-5) will be held out at the AUC new campus . Keynote speakers are Mahmood Mamdani and Abdullahi Ahmed An-Naim – both great!  We are trying to provide transport for everyone who wants to come so please RSVP at

Session #2: Gender Justice and Making the Law Work for Women (May 3)

Organizer: Hania Sholkamy

  1. Feminist social protection: Conditional cash transfers in a Cairo slum (Hania Sholkamy)
  2. Women in the work-force! How empowering is work for women?  A Look at the gap between legislation and the lived reality (Heba Gowayed, Mahmoud Hazzaa)
  3. The Limits of law: Reforming Egyptian family laws and the question of gender justice (Mulki Al-Sharmani)
  4. Political voice and women’s quotas in Egypt: The Journey to parliament of four women in the 2010 elections (Sawsan el Sherif)


Session #8: Gender, Family and Social Justice (May 5)

Organizer: Helen Rizzo

  1. Why Egyptian feminists have abandoned women’s rights discourse (Alia Dawood)
  2. Sexual harassment: The Oppression of women on the streets of Egypt: An Analysis of Hostile Sexism and bias about sexual harassment (Emily Weddle, Habiba Helmy, Mona Amer, Baland Jalal)
  3. A Capability approach to female entrepreneurs and social justice (Anette Cerne, Ahmed H. Tolba)

Please check the facebook event page for more details and updates!

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